Cisco Connect Salt Lake City

Formerly known as
Cisco Tech Day

Thursday, May 25, 2017
8 AM – 5 PM

South Towne Expo Center
9575 South State Street
Sandy, UT 84070

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Cisco Collaboration Updates: CSR12, Video Endpoints and Jabber

This session will provide an update on Collaboration Solution Release 12. Dive into Cisco’s new video endpoints and room integrations. We’ll also look at new and critical updates to Jabber, and explore Jabber integration into Spark Messaging.

Software Defined Networking Basics for the Server Team

According to Gartner, "Software-defined networks are emerging networking architectures that separate the control plane from the data plane in networking equipment.” As a server admin, you could care less about control and data planes as long as the packets get from "point A" to "point B" and you don’t have to mess with your IP address. In this session, we’ll cover the problems solved by software-defined networks, and demo the basic concepts in Cisco ACI that are relevant for the IT professional.

The Cisco Digital Network Architecture: Transforming Enterprise Networking

Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) is not just “marketecture.” There are new technologies and architectures in the campus that will change the way you approach your campus network design. We’ll give you a starting point to understanding how the industry is changing the way we have managed networks for the last 20 years.

NGFW Protecting the Edge Including Firepower 2100

Threat detection and edge policy are crucial to keeping your organization safe. With Cisco's new Firepower appliances and ASAs, we have combined edge policy, threat detection and malware remediation into a single system. We’ll cover all the models of our Firepower Threat Defense systems, demonstrate live network compromises and how to mitigate them. 

Driving Digital Transformation with the Apple | Cisco Partnership

It’s about your business outcomes – Learn how your business will benefit from solutions enabled on Apple iOS and why the Cisco and Apple partnership delivers greater business insights and capabilities through a Connected Mobile Experience.

Spark Board - Hybrid Services - Integrating Cloud with On Premise Systems

With the Cisco Spark Board, you can wirelessly present, white board and video or audio conference – everything you need for team collaboration, all at the touch of a finger. We’ll explore how to connect and leverage cloud and premise solutions within the total collaboration solution.

Network and Application Analytics - Tetration and AppDynamics

IT organizations are increasingly under pressure from a mix of elevated expectations for application delivery and a rising tide of security threats, not to mention the need to show ongoing improvements in operational efficiencies. We’ll demo the latest in Application Dependency Mapping, support for integrated security and risk minimization, granular capabilities for policy creation and automated action and scalability across a wide range of public and private infrastructure environments.

Creating the Branch of the Future

With our new virtualization technologies, we’ll be able to locate network functions wherever you need them. Take network functions in and out of service at will. Scale up or scale down at the click of a button and automate easily many of your day to day tasks. Virtualization of these functions also allows you to test before going into production. Gain agility by creating policies that follow your applications and workloads to any type of branch and even the cloud. In the branch of the future, we’ll show you how.

Ransomware Defense with Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions

Threat actors are no longer hindered by your traditional lines of defense. Ransomware is costing companies millions in downtime and recovery expenditures. How can you prevent and surface the unknown threat before the damage is done? What can you do to analyze the attacker and the adversary’s methodology to strengthen your security posture? See how to use Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, Umbrella and AMP ThreatGrid to boost your environment’s immune system.

Simplified Apple Device Onboarding and Wi-Fi Integration

It’s about trust – The foundation of the Apple and Cisco partnership is the trust between your Apple Device and the Cisco Wi-Fi network. You’ll understand how 802.11 Wi-Fi standards can be automatically enabled to provide a better user experience. This also includes apple Fastlane which allows applications to be “whitelisted” to provide prioritization for business relevant applications.

Powerful Collaboration the Easy Way with Spark; Call, Message, Meet and Cloud APIs

This session focuses on Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration platforms. The industry is being disrupted and we will explore Cloud Calling and Meeting with Cisco Spark and WebEx. We’ll wrap up with why should you care about Spark APIs.

Building Infrastructure as a Service and the Software Defined Data Center

Do you need to change how you deliver your data center resources today? Is the pressure of public cloud and lack of resources to build private cloud affecting your team? Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a standardized, highly automated offering where compute resources, complemented by storage and networking capabilities, are offered to customers on-demand. Customers are able to self-provision this infrastructure, using a Web-based graphical user interface that serves as an IT operations management console for the overall environment. API access to the infrastructure may also be offered as an option.

The Lean, Mean Campus Machine: APIC-EM

Cisco’s next generation SDN architecture is here to revolutionize your campus and give you an entirely new toolset that will let you manage, secure and automate the network like never before with APIC-EM. Learn the fundamentals of our next generation platform, the power of the controller and see some of the exciting apps like EasyQoS and IWAN.

Umbrella (OpenDNS) / CloudLock

You’re computing in the cloud and your email is hosted. You work from the office, to your home, to your nearest coffee shop and points unknown. How can you be secure when so much of what you connect to you no longer control? See demonstrations and learn about Cisco’s cloud and hosted security solutions that addresses this ever-increasing problem.

Secure the Enterprise with Apple Device Security and Cisco Network Security

Platform Integrity and Embedded Security – Choosing your platform for mobility is an essential business decision. You must have the confidence that the platform is inherently secure and trust your confidential data is protected. With Apple iOS, security is built-in and with Cisco’s WLAN Umbrella security, only Apple and Cisco can deliver the end-to-end capabilities to protect your business.

Connected Digital Experience for Customer Care

Explore Cisco’s next generation software for contact centers operating in the age of digitization. This session will also cover our Spark Care platform. Create a platform for a Connected Digital Experience – enabling your company to deliver contextual, continuous and capability-rich journeys for your customers.

Cisco DevOps

The art and science of delivering digital transformation. We’ll discuss methodologies and concepts that can kick start your DevOps journey and more rapidly deliver business value in an evolving and highly competitive era of next generation digital business.

To Infinity and Beyond: Cloud Controlled Enterprise Networks

Learn how Cisco’s Cloud Networking Group (Meraki) utilizes a cloud based controller to automate your enterprise. We’ll look at how the controller can be used to manage SD-WAN, MDM, security and other features. Learn how you can do more than networking with video surveillance and communication options. We’ll also show how you can extend your environment by leveraging APIs and integrating to other systems.

Simplify Network Access and Visibility with ISE

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a policy engine that enables contextual network access control across wired, wireless, including BYOD and remote access VPNs. This session will focus on making these solutions easy to deploy.

Cisco Spark and Apple iOS

Enhancing Collaboration with the Cisco/Apple Partnership – Experience firsthand how Apple and Cisco are working together to help you empower your employees to be even more efficient. Transform and innovate your business by prioritizing business-critical apps easily over your enterprise wireless network for users on iOS devices.

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