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How Do You Do Multi-services, Multi-tenancy, Multi-vendor AND Still Love Your Job?

Live Webcast, April 24th, 2018
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Your business customers are changing fast. Many more devices to support, many more applications that their employees need to access, and a greater awareness of cybersecurity issues. And of course, the relentless drive for greater efficiency and on-demand expectations that drive new approaches such as SD-WAN and SaaS. Sound familiar?

This is opportunity for the service provider that can deliver more value in helping business customers with their IT services. The not so simple aspect: how to manage their demands for multiple services, while amortizing across multiple clients and absent of vendor lock-in.

Your business customers need a new way to manage their IT, and so do you! Existing ways don’t cut it anymore: slow roll out of new services, high cost to deploy and manage, difficult to differentiate. Fortunately, there’s an answer. It is being deployed already by your peers and perhaps competitors.

Join us in this session where we will describe and demonstrate a bold new approach to service creation and delivery. We will share some industry insights and delve into the details of a platform that is truly unique in simplifying new services delivery no matter what scale you need. This platform works for physical, virtual and hybrid environments. It is multi-vendor friendly. It can support what you have already begun to deploy. It can cut your costs to deploy and to operate. It can give you that edge over your competitors.

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