Let There Be Networked Light with Cisco Digital Ceiling

(Original Webinar March 30, 2016)

Organizations are increasingly using digital technologies to gain an advantage. Even commercial buildings can reap the rewards of digitization. Increasingly, more companies are using PoE to power and control building services.

Now, buildings can be smart and connected. PoE-powered systems are making it easier to connect disparate building services over Internet Protocol (IP) to create a “digital ceiling.” These building services lower the cost of installation, operation, and management through control of global facilities. They break “building silos” and make it easier to automate building services. The fastest way to create a digital ceiling is through a building’s light network because of its pervasive nature.

In this workshop, learn how the Cisco Digital Ceiling improves efficiency and sustainability; building systems can be better managed; and how it enables building owners to deliver highly personalized user experiences. It also improves the productivity, safety, and comfort of building occupants.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What is digital ceiling?
  • Network integration for buildings
  • Use cases for Cisco Digital Ceiling

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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