vAnalytics for Cisco SD-WAN

(May 15, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time)

The WAN is largely made of disparate networks outside of the control of IT and often operated by multiple providers. Rapid growth of multicloud infrastructure further compounds WAN issues.

Your WAN may face similar complexities, making it difficult for you to pinpoint the source of problems. As a result, your organization may be struggling to get real-time information on application performance and to meaningfully plan infrastructure growth.

vAnalytics provides IT with the visibility necessary to isolate and resolve issues in the WAN and to deliver intelligent network insights for planning and "what if?" scenarios.

  • Major components of vAnalytics:
  • - Comprehensive visibility of apps and infrastructure across the WAN - Forecasting/"what if" analysis - Intelligent recommendations
  • Live demo
  • Live Q&A

Approximate duration: 55 minutes

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