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Scalable Container Workflows for IP Video Streaming

Live Webcast, June 20th, 2018
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Video distribution and consumption is shifting to IP. At the same time, industry advances in cloud technology have made video processing workflows simpler and more efficient.

IP and cloud technologies offer a distinct advantage over traditional broadcast. IP streaming architectures offers better visibility and management of the video content, its transport, network loads, and its consumption. Making this video streaming architecture cloud native introduces additional benefits in the form of efficiency, scalability, and resilience by taking advantage of technology advances in containers, micro-services, and machine learning.

In this session you will learn how service providers and media companies can gain advantages over traditional broadcast head ends by implementing architectures based on container and micro-services technology to rapidly create, scale and recover live multiscreen video.

Join us to hear from Cisco experts on how to build cloud-ready video strategies that work across private and public clouds. Discover how you can configure, test and launch new channels in minutes as opposed to weeks and implement consistent, repeatable deployments.

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