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The Key to Delivering Multiple Managed Network Services Fast and at Scale

Live Webcast, June 26th, 2018
Recording Now Available

If you can’t attend Cisco Live US in Orlando June 10-14, don’t worry, we have you covered with this webcast. If Cisco Live is a lot to digest and you want a recap on managed network services to be showcased there, this is your chance.

First let’s recap on what is happening across all industries and to your business customers. Their needs are changing fast driven by multiple trends such as mobility, IoT, multicloud, and more sophisticated cyber-security threats. Add to that, many more devices to support and many more applications that their employees need to access from anywhere. And always the relentless drive for greater efficiency and on-demand expectations.

At the center of the trends and evolving business needs is the greater dependency on the network. Service providers are well-positioned to deliver more value in helping business customers with their IT services. There is a growing opportunity to expand managed network service offers for those business customers.

But how to quickly monetize secure new services while keeping operations simple and highly automated? That’s where we can help.

Join us in this session where we will go over our Cisco Live demo for managed network services including a sneak preview of a new offer we have in plan. Get that edge over your competitors and learn more by registering for the upcoming June 26th webinar now.

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