Cisco Mobility Express Solution: Simple by Design

(Original Webinar November 19, 2015)

Simple by design, the Cisco Mobility Express solution is ideal for small to medium deployments serving up to 25 access points and 500 clients. It brings Cisco’s enterprise-scale best practices and quality to smaller-scale deployments while minimizing cost and complexity. 

Mobility Express integrates the WLAN controller function into Cisco Aironet 1850 and 1830 Access Points. It is the latest in Cisco’s efforts to turn wireless LAN controllers into a software function that any network component can host. Cisco controller capabilities can also be housed in standalone appliances (Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers, or WLCs), Cisco switches, Cisco routers, a private cloud, and a public cloud. 

The Mobility Express solution is ideal for:

  • Sites with 150 users or fewer, where IT has limited span of control or reach
  • Sites with 150 users or fewer that are looking to refresh from 802.11a/b/g/n to 802.11ac
  • Sites with autonomous-mode implementations looking to refresh 802.11a/b/g/n to 802.11ac
  • Companies or sites looking to implement segmented guest access on their Wi-Fi networks
  • Organizations that need to quickly set up temporary Wi-Fi connectivity for events
Join this live session with Cisco experts and see how easy it is to implement Mobility Express in your organization.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Cisco Mobility Express Solution
  • Cisco Aironet 1850 and 1830 Series, with 802.11ac Wave 2 support
  • Live demo for brand-new web user interface and Cisco wireless app

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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