Operational Intelligence at Scale with Cisco UCS and Splunk

(Original Webinar Webinar November 17, 2015)

Big data analytics can deliver big results, but you need the right business strategy, analytics software, and underlying infrastructure. 

This webinar will:

Explore how Cisco uses Splunk software across its own business to improve critical application performance and uptime by proactively minimizing potential issues and responding more effectively and promptly when issues do arise.

Demonstrate how IT professionals use Splunk to manage complex multitier infrastructures, rapidly troubleshoot problems, and optimize IT services at scale.

Dive into the latest Splunk software performance and scalability enhancements and see how Cisco and Splunk come together for outstanding performance on Cisco UCS.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How Cisco cut root cause analysis times 90 percent using Splunk software
  • Splunk Enterprise 6.3 on Cisco UCS performance benchmarks 
  • Sneak preview: Live demo on accelerating troubleshooting and MTTR

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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