Optimize Applications with Increased Network Intelligence and Programability

(Original Webinar July 21, 2016)

Networks are moving toward simplification, increased operational efficiency, and programmability using technologies such as software-defined networking. Cisco continues to demonstrate innovation by introducing the concept of segment routing in the data center, making the network more intelligent and adaptive to the applications running on top of it. Segment routing delivers application-optimized network transport. Encoding the path information directly at the source (that is, either at the virtual switch or at the top of rack) and using per-app policies, segment routing puts control in the hands of the network operators by empowering them to create secure, adaptive, and optimal paths based on the requirements of the application itself.

Please join us in the session to learn how Cisco is helping organizations increase network efficiency by allocating resources on demand and optimizing the network to better support business-critical applications, all while preserving security.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Introducing segment routing
  • Why the need for application-optimized transport
  • Features and benefits of segment routing
  • Differences between segment routing and MPLS transport
  • Relevance of segment routing in the data center
  • Use cases and applicability of segment routing
  • Summary and conclusion

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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