See It All, Secure It Now with Cisco ISE 2.1

(Original Webinar August 3, 2016)

Cisco ISE has evolved enormously over the past two years to the point where it is recognized as the market-leading policy and access control solution. It’s an open platform that integrates security technologies for a more powerful threat defense that recently picked up the following honors:

With the recent release of version 2.1, ISE has taken a big step forward to make it faster and easier than ever for customers to deploy and to start realizing the benefits, and onboarding devices, knowing exactly who and what are on the network, whether they are compliant, and to control where users are allowed to go. Customers can now automate their ability to change what a user can access based on threat intelligence to help you scale their operation and keep pace with escalating malware and ransomware threats. When suspicious activity is detected on a device, ISE will contain the potential threat by changing the endpoint access to a restricted network segment so the user can still work without affecting critical systems or data.

Join us on an in-depth tour of what’s new with ISE 2.1, where you’ll learn from the experts. By the end of the session you’ll not only know more about ISE 2.1, you’ll understand how ISE can power your existing network to be a sensor and an enforcer.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Simplified visibility: See users and devices on the network through a simple, flexible, and highly consumable interface. ISE also now stores a history of all endpoints that have been on the network and all the associated visibility.
  • Easy connect: A quick, easy, and flexible method for user authentication when an endpoint doesn't support 802.1x.
  • Device administration with TACACS+: Get unified policy management to eliminate complexity and management time.
  • Rapid threat containment: RTC now supports firepower management center 6.1 to automatically and dynamically stop threats before they spread further into the network.
  • Threat-centric NAC: ISE now incorporates vulnerability assessment and threat incident intelligence to drive network policy.

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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