Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series High-Performance Switch Architectures
TechWiseTV Workshop

(Original Webinar July 24, 2018)

Until recently, campus migrations have been from 1G to 10G to 40G. While 1G and 10G still represent a significant share of the enterprise market’s Ethernet ports, a transition to 25G, and to 100G for large and high-end enterprises, is expected to happen more quickly than the previous transition to 10G. Furthermore, support for 25G adapters that can also run at 10G with existing fiber cabling can help accelerate that migration, providing opportunities to migrate to a 100G switch infrastructure while supporting significant investment protection. .

Cisco has been pioneering several initiatives to bring new Ethernet technologies to market. These include Cisco 25GBASE Small Form-Factor Pluggable SFP28, Cisco 100GBASE Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable QSFP28, and more importantly, dual-rate optics along with the latest Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series high-performance switches to facilitate such network speeds and architecture transformations.

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Topics to be discussed include:

  • Need for Higher Speeds in Campus
  • Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series High-Performance Switch Portfolio
  • Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series User-Centric Platform Design
  • CCisco UADP 3.0 Architecture
  • Cisco 100G/40G/25G Optics

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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