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Segment Routing’s 5th Anniversary

Event Summary

September 11th, 2018
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Segment Routing is proving to be a foundational technology to help customers drive simplification and innovations in networking.

By delivering tangible business outcomes, Segment Routing appeals to many key stakeholders:

  • CTOs – as network infrastructures can be greatly simplified while delivering greater resiliency and providing unprecedented traffic engineering capabilities
  • COOs – as simplification and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities make network operations more efficient
  • CMOs – as new, innovative network services can be offered
  • CFOs – as exposure to contractual financial liabilities can be limited and network operational costs can be reduced

Join this session to learn directly from the experts how customers use Segment Routing and to hear about the latest Segment Routing innovations.

Event led by:
Ianik Semco, Product Manager, Engineering
Jose Liste, Principal Engineer, Technical Marketing

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