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Opening the final mobility frontier – Open vRAN

Event Summary

Live Webcast, September 20, 2018
Recording Now Available

In the evolution to 5G mobile service providers want to open the last proprietary segment of their network – the radio access network (RAN).  This is critical for 5G to better use virtualized (cloud) RAN for densification of coverage.  While an open RAN promises greater flexibility and potentially lower costs, there are also concerns of service assurance in a very critical network domain.  The traditional radio vendors contend that it is necessary to keep this domain as it is – closed – to assure quality.  If we look back to the transition to 3G they said the same thing about the packet core.  The Open vRAN Alliance is an eco-system of relevant technology companies with the sole aim is to accelerate the telecoms industry to a viable, commercial & open virtual radio ecosystem.  This eco-system is focused on the seamless integration and validation of a fully open RAN domain.

Attendees will learn:

  • What is this alliance and who makes up the eco-system
  • How this benefits the mobile service provider and users
  • What this eco-system has accomplished to date
  • What are the next steps

Event led by:

  • Bob Everson, Global Director 5G and SP Mobility

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