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Redefining Service Provider Security for the Modern Data Center in a Multicloud World

Event Summary

Live Webcast, September 26, 2018
Recording Now Available

The data center is a crucial component of today’s Service Provider infrastructure, housing the critical data and applications required to conduct business and meet your customers’ needs on a 24/7 basis. With access anytime from anywhere, data centers and their data “currency” are ripe for attack.

Leveraging Cisco’s expertise in both security and data center, we can enable you to capitalize on this trends as you transition your networks, delivering new services from your production data center across mobile networks, video, cloud, and managed services. With Cisco’s new Secure Data Center Solution for Service Providers, we empower you to deliver robust protection across your production network for your customers’ critical data and application workloads.

Join us in this special webinar session to hear more about the latest technologies, integrated and working together to solve the challenge of securing the modern data center from our security experts. We’ll also be providing an overview of Cisco’s new Secure Data Center Validated Design and understand how this innovative reference architecture can map to real world Service Provider use cases.

Event led by:

  • Sam Rastogi, Senior Manager, Security Marketing
  • Mike Geller, Principal Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems
  • John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Solutions Marketing

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