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High Performance Virtualized Packet Core – Cisco Ultra Packet Core

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Live Webcast, October 18, 2018
Recording Now Available

High Performance Virtualized Packet Core – Cisco Ultra Packet Core

Virtualized packet cores have come of age. No longer science experiments for trials, but commercially ready. This includes the recently completed world’s largest commercial-use fully virtualized packet core network supporting over 150 million subscribers – using Cisco Ultra Packet Core. But can a virtualized packet core match purpose built version in performance without sacrificing features and reliability?

Up until now, no. But Cisco has made advancements in the code that increases performance by over 2.5x without sacrifice to features or reliability. How do we do it?

Join this Cisco Knowledge Network webinar and you will learn:

  • What is Vector Packet Processing and how it works in a packet core?
  • How was the performance testing executed and what were the results?
  • How can this help me and my network?

Event led by: Daniel Walton, Director Software Development, Mobile Business Group

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