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Selected Topic: IoT Security
Routers. Security cameras. Refrigerators. We didn’t used to consider these connected devices a security threat, but times have changed. Today, IoT devices are increasingly targeted by actors of various level of sophistication. At Talos, we’ve been closely monitoring attacks on IoT devices and conducting research to find and eliminate vulnerabilities that could make these IoT attacks more successful. In our live briefing, we invite you to participate in the discussion about the security of IoT devices - from SOHO routers to home automation systems. We’ll also dive into threats like the Mirai botnet and VPNFilter attacks.

About the Event:
After analyzing 1.5 million malware samples daily, the threat researchers at Talos knows a thing or two about threat intelligence. Join us for a security threat briefing to learn about what our threat researchers consider to be the most notable threats and attack strategies of the past season. Topics will be selected in the weeks leading up to the webinar to ensure timeliness and relevance.

About the Presenter:
Vanja Svajcer, Talos Technical Leader
Vanja is a security researcher with more than 15 years of experience in malware research and detection development. Vanja enjoys tinkering with automated analysis systems, reversing binaries and Android malware. He thinks time spent scraping telemetry data for signs of new attacks is well worth the effort. In his free time he enjoys playing acoustic guitar, badly but passionately.

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