Cybersecurity Education: Skills gap, career success and more

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Do I need a degree to get a job in cybersecurity? What kinds of skills should I build? How can I take my career to the next level? What do hiring mangers even look for anyway?

When it comes to the cybersecurity industry, the problem is clear: there’s not enough skilled professionals. But how can we tackle this problem head-on? In this webinar, our panel of experts will tackle the topic of education in the cybersecurity industry from many angles.

We’re interested in discovering:
- Why the skill gap seems to keep widening
- What skills students need to learn to succeed
- How we can encourage students and professionals alike to pursue careers in cybersecurity (including at Cisco)
- What hiring managers look for in candidates

Our panelists include:
- Dr. Martha Cyr, Director of Strategic Growth, Project Lead the Way, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (a.k.a. our STEM education expert)
- Michele D. Guel, Distinguished Engineer & IoT Security Strategist, Security & Trust Organization, Cisco Systems (a.k.a our cybersecurity expert)
- Christopher Langer, Talent Acquisition Lead at Talos (a.k.a our hiring manager)

Join this dream team live and submit your questions to the panel. Last year, we had more than 300 questions submitted from our customers, so join early and have them ready!

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