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Going Beyond the WAN

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Live Webcast, November 15th, 2018
Recording Now Available

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile and the applications they consume are becoming more distributed moving from the data center to the cloud, and increasingly multiple different clouds. The wide area network is the backbone of the modern enterprise, connecting users to applications, and it needs to transform in this multi-cloud world to deliver the best user experience at scale without compromising on security.

Cisco brings together its leadership in SD-WAN and security to deliver a comprehensive WAN architecture that:

  • Delivers both routing intelligence and threat intelligence on certified trustworthy infrastructure
  • Offers a complete end-to-end architecture from the user to the application across the branch, campus and cloud.
  • Can scale WAN architectures to thousands of end-points across all verticals, globally.
  • Blocks more threats more quickly and contains the ones that gets through so you can maintain compliance.

Join us in the upcoming November 15th webcast to learn more about new capabilities in our SD-WAN portfolio which

  • better protect you and your customers from cyber-threats
  • provide an improved application and user experience
  • make your job easier

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