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Network Service Mesh: An Introduction

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Live Webcast, November 28th, 2018
Recording Now Available

Network Service Mesh (NSM) is a novel approach solving L2/L3 network use cases in Kubernetes that are tricky to address with the existing Kubernetes Network Model. Inspired by Istio, Network Service Mesh maps the concept of a service mesh to L2/L3 payloads.

Network Service Mesh enables a variety of types of Use Cases such as:

-Connecting Pods to:

  • VPN Gateways
  • Non-Kubernetes virtual bridge domains
  • The *right* physical NIC or SR-IOV VF for their needs
  • Multiple-interfaces

-Cloud-native NFV use cases

Network Service Mesh controls the L2/L3 data planes to deliver these types of use cases. Network Service Mesh enables users to express the context of their network needs in a Cloud Native manner, rather than manually stringing together disjoint interfaces, IPAM, and subnets.

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