Incredible Compute Density: A Deeper Dive into the Cisco UCS C4200
TechWiseTV Workshop

(Original Webinar Ocotber 18, 2010 )

The new Cisco UCS C4200 Rack Server Chassis makes it easy to add density optimized compute to any data center. Whether you’re a service provider looking for maximum density, a manufacture modeling new designs, a retailer analyzing consumer trends, or a data scientist modeling a financial market, your ability to extract economic benefit from your data and your infrastructure is crucial to gaining a competitive edge.

While high performance computing solutions have traditionally been reserved for large institutions with huge budgets and specialized data centers, businesses of all sizes and industries are seeing the benefits of compute-intensive analytics.

Adding high density compute can create another unwanted silo to manage. Cisco is making it easier than ever to add density optimized compute to any data center with the new Cisco UCS C4200. It extends the Cisco UCS portfolio utilizing the same policy-based systems management to reduce complexity and eliminate silos, making it simple to integrate into existing Cisco UCS infrastructure.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Overview of the Cisco UCS C4200 Multinode Chassis and C125 M5 Server Node
  • A deeper dive into some of the technical features
  • Considerations for deployment
  • Q & A

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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