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Self Organizing Networks (SON) – in the Age of Machine Learning and AI

Event Summary

Live Webcast, January 23, 2019
8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET / 16:00 GMT

While others in our industry still focus on just making the network radios play nice together, the Cisco SON team of developers have been adding Machine Learning and AI capabilities and techniques to make networks and network services deliver the best possible connected experiences. Additionally, Cisco SON has expanded from organizing and optimizing the radio network – we now are managing the connected experiences from the end devices through the packet core. Mobile network consumers (both people and things) can enjoy the highest quality even while traveling at highway and railway speeds.

Join the experts from the Cisco SON business team as they share how customers can enjoy consistently improved experiences while network operators make far better use of their existing resources (spectrum and systems). Additionally, you will learn about the vast SON application library in the FlexStore that is available for Cisco SONFlex users. SONFlex can reduce the time and effort of creating new SON APIs from days to minutes while also providing built-in quality of assurance so that new SON APIs can negatively affect the existing network.

Those attending this CKN will learn:

  • About the extensive network automation and optimization capabilities available from the Cisco SON suite of tools
  • How Cisco is able to gather far more critical user device and network telemetry and apply that to deliver highest possible quality and optimizations from device to core.
  • How Cisco SON leverage machine learning predictive intelligence to “improve” the network before there is a problem.
  • How SONFlex and the SONFlex Studio give “drag-and-drop” easy to creating new SON applications in minutes.

This will be the first in a series on advances in SON technology and its practical application and benefits. This is important today and even more so as we enter a 5G world.

Event led by:

  • Alon Ben Ami, SONBU CTO

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