Using Security Analytics for Active Threat Detection

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Network Analysis and Visibility (NAV) is critical to any security program. With insights into what is actually going on inside the network, organizations obtain answers to some of the most challenging security questions, specifically those related to access and behavior. But it’s not just a lack of visibility; the challenge of threat detection is continually growing due to increasing attack surface, smarter attackers, use of cloud infrastructure, and tighter budgets.

Security analytics tools detect behaviors that are indicative of malicious activity. By combining the best of NAV and Security Analytics, organizations can adopt an active threat detection practice that seeks out malicious behavior operating inside the organization’s network, so security teams can focus on critical threats, and take quick and effective action.

Join this Cisco webinar featuring special guest Joseph Blankenship, Principal Analyst with Forrester, to learn how to:

• Understand Security Analytics and its use in high-fidelity threat detection
• Use NAV and Security Analytics to seek out malicious behaviors
• Move your security program forward with active threat detection


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