Stealthwatch Product Updates - Release 7.0


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Have you been compromised? How would you know? With today’s evolving threats, it’s a matter of time when an organization will be breached. You need eyes within your environment to be able to detect any suspicious behavior. This is where a visibility and security analytics solution like Cisco Stealthwatch® can help. Stealthwatch collects telemetry from your existing network infrastructure, and applies a funnel of analytical techniques to detect anomalies in real-time and also ties it to specific threats with a high level of confidence.

Stealthwatch release 7.0 introduces further enhancements to the tuning capabilities of Stealthwatch, giving you even more control and easier management of the security policies, users, host groups, and appliances, all of which are now accessible from the web interface. In addition to that, we are announcing tons of other exciting updates for faster, more advanced threat detection and response.

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