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Three Steps You Can Take Now to Start Your Edge Computing Journey

Live Webcast, April 17th, 2019
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Today, more applications are moving to the cloud, and multiple clouds are being deployed. With the explosion of end-points, mobility, and nomadic computing, the volumes of data used for analytics, machine learning and automation can result in high costs to transport to central locations for processing. Traditional service provider architectures can no longer meet modern needs.

At the same time, the connecting network has become critical in delivering high-quality experiences, application performance, and security across data, services, and applications. To solve these issues, a new services edge architecture is emerging that is based on distributing computing capacity to the edge of the network. This architecture results in lower latency with respect to subscribers. Edge computing is emerging as a general architectural shift, which most standards developing organizations (SDOs) such as ETSI refer to as multi-access edge computing or MEC.

Fundamental to implementing a successful edge computing model, is having the right components to support the necessary infrastructure use cases as well as the many revenue generating use cases. In this session we will explore such fundamental components, the requirements on them, and a solution architecture. We will also examine various use cases and share information on successful deployments.

We will close the session with a live demonstration of an increasingly popular platform, the Cisco Virtual Infrastructure Manager and associated use cases.

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