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Unleash the full power of your security architecture with Cisco Threat Response

Live Webcast, April 10th, 2019
Recording Now Available

Cybersecurity threats seems to come from everywhere today. And with each threat, new tools emerge to combat them which you repeated layer into your system as a safeguard. However, layering systems in this way creates complexity. Each product lacks consistency, interfaces are complicated, and your security analysts have to swivel back and forth among all of them trying to understand what these systems are saying.
This has been the situation in cybersecurity for far too long. That’s why security must work together, but too often it doesn’t. At Cisco, we’re changing all of that.

Cisco Threat Response automates integrations across the Cisco Security portfolio, and aggregates threat intelligence not only from Cisco Talos, but from third party sources as well. It enables security operations teams to detect, investigate, and remediate much faster and easier – a necessity in today’s cyber landscape. Get more value from your Cisco Security investment when the products work together to save you time and manual effort--especially when you are under attack and time matters most.

Join us in this special webinar session to learn how Cisco Threat Response can help you get more value from your Cisco Security investments. Our session will also include a demo of the solution along with some real-world use case examples.

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