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Prepare for the 5G Era with 5G Ready Data Centers

Event Summary

Live Webcast, June 18th, 2019
8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET / 15:00 GMT

Service Providers globally need 5G ready data centers that come with full multi-site automation, segmentation, and security that can scale in size and speed while incorporating simplified operations and service assurance.

During this session, we will describe and demonstrate capabilities that improve control agility, security, operational insight and assurance scalable to service provider & 5G requirements.

Use cases covered during the session include:

Centralized administration, orchestration, and automation for all datacenters (Central, CO, and Edge) with Multi-pod, Multi-site, remote leaf and cloud extension
Rapid fabric instantiation with Zero-touch, auto-discovery.
ACI availability and fast convergence to support SP VNF workloads such as VoLTE and VoWiFI
VNF scale, automation, and load balancing for vEPC, CUPS, and Gi-LAN scenarios
Any workload, any platform—VMs, containers on Openstack, CVIM, baremetal, Hyper-V, vSphere.
Fabric scale and speed with 400G
VNF workload and fabric assurance/insight End-to-end Datacenter and transport orchestration/automation

After this session, you will have a better understanding of our data center solutions for service providers’ services infrastructures. You will have witnessed simplicity and unmatched control, segmentation, security, speed and automation for networking of containerized, virtualized, and bare-metal application and infrastructure workloads.

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Also on this site, you can prepare ahead for this session by reviewing the January 15, 2019 webinar entitled “5G-Ready Data Centers the Cisco Way.

Event led by:

Guy Brunsdon, Director Marketing, Data Center Business Group
Sonu Kumar Khandelwal, Technical Marketing Engineer, Data Center Business Group
Wayne Cullen, Senior Manager, Service Provider Marketing

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