Network Traffic Analysis: Why you need it and 6 capabilities you can't live without

Your network is becoming increasingly complex, with different types of devices, users and applications connecting from various locations. Attackers are exploiting this complexity to compromise your organization without you even knowing it! So how can you detect such threats?

Because every threat touches the network, Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) solutions that provide visibility into the behavior of every user and device on your network are becoming more popular. The best NTA solutions use advanced analytics to detect anomalies and correlate them to malicious events, so you can prevent security incidents from turning into a major breach.

Join us to hear from Jon Oltsik, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) about why NTA should be a core component of your security strategy, and what capabilities to look for. He’ll be joined by Bryan Doerr, Product Manager, Cisco Stealthwatch who will describe how to gain network-wide visibility, from on-premises to the cloud.

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