Cisco Tetration: Unprecedented Insight Enables Zero-Trust Model for Applications
TechWiseTV Workshop

(Original Webinar October 13, 2016)

Today’s data center is very dynamic, with virtualization, containers, and workload mobility. With innovative big data analytics capabilities, it is possible to use rich network metrics to provide unprecedented insight into IT infrastructure. In the modern data center, primary operational and security challenges include understanding application dependencies accurately, the ability to generate a consistent whitelist policy model that is used to build a secure zero-trust infrastructure, and making sure of network policy compliance. 

This session will describe how Tetration Analytics uses unsupervised machine learning and behavior analysis along with advanced algorithmic approaches to address these challenges in a real-time and scalable fashion.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Overview of operational challenges in the data center
  • Introduction to Cisco Tetration Analytics
  • Architecture overview
  • Use case description
  • Product demo
  • How Cisco IT is benefiting from Cisco Tetration Analytics

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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