Powering the next-generation smart building with Cisco Catalyst 9000 - Video on Demand

Learn how Cisco 90W UPOE+ expands existing PoE landscape across verticals to bring the Smart Building of the future to you today.

While PoE has been a staple in offices globally in recent years, 90W PoE opens a whole new world of options for organizations from LED lighting, occupancy sensors, alarm systems and cameras to powering monitors, window shades and USB-C capable laptops.

It entirely changes the workspace powering everything from laptop to lights to phones to screens. Not only does this increase location flexibility, but it also helps to significantly reduce energy consumption and streamline business processes.

Need to move? No electrician. No permit. No problem.

Cut costs
Lower expenses by eliminating wall circuits for endpoints and consolidating uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.

Save time
Shorten deployment time through the interoperability testing of devices.

Conserve energy
Reduce energy expenditures by using Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE).

Improve performance
Extend intelligent load-shedding capabilities to switch-connected devices.

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