Miercom Insights: What You Need to Know About Data Center Network Management

Live Webinar: Network Insider Series

Thursday, June 25, 2020
10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
(San Francisco, GTM -08:00)

Miercom, an independent third-party performance testing and certification company, assessed Cisco Data Center Network Management (DCNM) 11 and Arista CloudVision Portal (CVP) to determine which solution offers superior performance. Miercom assessed configuration and deployment, change control, network visibility, and real-time fault identification.

The results are in. Miercom endorsed Cisco DCNM 11, certifying that it includes Cisco’s best practices and advanced fabric tools to handle growing networks.

Join Miercom analysts and Cisco subject matter experts as we discuss testing parameters and unpack key findings. Learn why Cisco DCNM 11 was certified as the superior solution for centralized, simplified data center network management.

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Rob Smithers
President and CEO, Miercom

Robert Smithers is President and CEO of Miercom, a leading network consulting and product testing lab. With over three decades of experience in the testing and competitive positioning of products and services, Rob has authored test reviews and articles featured in many leading business and trade publications. As CEO, Rob directs Miercom’s involvement in hands-on product testing of security including - Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Persistent Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud application, Visibility and Control, Next Generation Firewall products and Mobile and Wireless security products.

Rob enjoys sharing his practical expertise in assessing products with network equipment manufacturers, service providers, conducting needs, analysis and installations for enterprise customers. Taking a bottom-line approach to helping clients, Rob finds the best-in-class solutions for their infrastructures. He offers strategic consulting in the form of advanced testing and product selection services for Fortune 500 and Global 100 companies.


Sunil Gudurvalmiki
Director of Product Management, Cisco

Sunil is a Senior Product Management Professional with 15+ years of industry experience in product management, product marketing, customer relationships, architecture, design & development of software in Cisco’s network operating systems and in variety of other environments. Current areas of interest include Nexus Switching platforms, VXLAN, Data Center switch fabric technologies and automation with network controller.