New software-defined solutions for segmentation and control - Video on Demand

Learn how Software-Defined Access and new innovations in Cisco DNA Center provide a better way to control your network. We explore new enhancements, how they function and how they can be deployed and used effectively. Learn about an easier way to keep user, device, and application traffic separate with end-to-end segmentation. For shared network environments, see how users can simply connect their devices without sacrificing security.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase protection against unauthorized access.

  • Quickly define and enforce the right access policies to ensure secure segmentation and compliance—even for networks with many IoT devices.

  • Easily define custom rules to group devices and derive group-based policies without error-prone and intense manual work.

  • Give end-users control of their very own secure wireless network partition.

Enterprise Network Webinar
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