Webinar: Accelerating business critical app performance with HyperFlex - Video on Demand

Digital transformation just won’t stop. The demand for unprecedented levels of performance, flexibility, scale, and intelligence are putting bigger demands on your IT organization than ever before. So how do you deliver all of it?

In this webinar we’ll discuss why we think modernizing your compute infrastructure is a big part of the answer. We know that hardware upgrades are not something you take lightly, but we encourage you to listen in and hear everything there is to gain by moving to a hyperconverged infrastructure platform.

Specifically, we will cover:
  • How an HCI infrastructure with All NVMe technology can improve the performance of your business-critical applications
  • How All NVMe HCI with Intel Optane SSD technology accelerates apps and improves TCO
  • How you can implement HyperFlex HCI at no cost until 2021 with Cisco Capital
Data Center Webinar
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