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5G network slicing: cross-domain orchestration and management

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Network slicing is an essential concept for 5G service providers to deliver on stringent new SLAs while still producing quality service to their existing customer base. It offers the ability to build segregated end-to-end networks serving different 5G use cases and customers. When you partition mobile networks into a set of virtual resources, each “slice” can then be allocated for a different purpose.

Automation of cross-domain slice management and operations are key to delivering the benefits of network slicing and achieving economies of scale. Automation can be introduced into all domains of the network including the radio, radio access network (RAN), transport, and mobile core. All these domains have new technologies in 5G that will need to be automated for effective implementation and management of network slicing.

In this webinar we will share new, market-defining research by Analysys Mason that explores:

  • The Network Slicing market opportunity,
  • Evolving architecture options,
  • The state of industry standards direction and
  • The essential need for automation and orchestration to drive commercialization.

We’ll also share an overview of how Cisco NSO and Crosswork Automation solutions can help incorporate network slicing into your network with assurance and empower it at scale.

Event led by:
John Malzahn, Senior Manager, Service Provider Product Marketing, Cisco Systems
Anil Rao, Principal Analyst, Network and Service Automation Research, Analysys Mason
Omar Sultan, Leader, Product Management - Network Automation, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco Systems

Originally Recorded: September 22nd, 2020  

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