Cisco DNA Software Demo Series: Wireless Assurance Demo Series Video on Demand

Learn how Cisco wireless assurance provides real-time and historical analytics for deep network visibility and simplified troubleshooting.

Learn how you can easily manage all of your connected devices and services and identify and solve issues before they become problems. Help ensure a better user experience across the network.

Join us in a webinar to see Cisco Digital Network Architecture and wireless assurance in action. You’ll get a live demo of how to assure wireless network performance with real-time and historical data analytics—to learn, adapt, and even detect problems before they happen. We will discuss the latest innovations and use cases, including:

  • Cisco Intelligent Capture with Cisco DNA Center Assurance to provide a 360-degree contextual view of users, the network, and applications
  • Real-time and on-demand Wi-Fi troubleshooting
  • Actionable analytics with instant guided remediation for quick issue resolution
  • Improved user experience with network time travel to pinpoint where and when problems occurred
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