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DOCSIS 4.0 Evolution in the Cable Plant, Are You Ready

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Over 72 million homes and businesses across the U.S. subscribe to broadband service delivered by cable operators. In recent days, these connections are more important than ever as people work and learn from home. But now your customer base wants and expects more speed and throughput from your cable plant. What can a cable operator do to prepare for the potential of even higher peak demands?

Join our CKN Session on “DOCSIS 4.0 Evolution in the Cable Plant, Are You Ready” to hear our Cisco experts share valuable actions you can begin to plan for. In this session our speakers will introduce you to DOCSIS 4.0 and help you understand how this cable access enhancement will improve your customer’s broadband experience. On this webinar, John Chapman - Cable CTO, Mike Whitley - SE Manager, and Richard Piper - Cable BU Product Manager will explain how.

What you will learn:

  • DOCSIS 4.0 technology enables the next generation of broadband over cable's hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks
  • Delivers symmetric speeds which is significant for such applications such as interactive video conferencing, remote learning, and IoT.
  • Supports high reliability, high security, with low latency

Event led by:
John Chapman - Cable CTO
Mike Whitley - SE Manager
Richard Piper - Cable BU Product Manager

Originally Recorded: October 1st, 2020

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