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400GE – What does it mean for you?

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Cisco is redefining the economics of the Internet with a combination of silicon, optics, and software. 400 Gigabit Ethernet is an intersection point where all these technologies converge. With investments in 400GE silicon, 400GE optics, and software that pull the silicon and optics together, we are poised to lead the market well into the future. The disruption, or innovation across these multiple dimensions has shifted the paradigm to enable 400GE to be a radically superior cost per bit option over other technologies.

  • What is happening in the network today – a major disruption
  • 400GE routers are here with new density and scale for the market
  • 400GE optics portfolio – learn about all your options
  • 400G ZR/ZR+ options for DCI, metro and long haul solutions
  • Putting it all together – how to leverage 400G for your optical network

Event led by:
Kevin Wollenweber, VP Product Management, Cisco
Ray Nering, Product Manager, Cisco
Maurizio Gazzola, Senior Manager Product Management, Cisco
Sushin Suresan Adackaconam, Product Manager, Cisco

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