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Improve streaming content delivery quality and reduce infrastructure scaling costs

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Streaming media traffic dominates your network during peak hours and, increasingly, all day long. Streaming growth consumes network capacity quickly and drives upgrades, and, if capacity does not keep up with demand, quality suffers.

These conditions are made worse because you don’t have the control or visibility over content delivery to optimize infrastructure investments and service quality. Most content delivery comes via an increasingly fragmented number of over-the-top providers, which requires you to invest in core and peering point capacity when the far better approach would be to deliver content from your network edge, closer to consumers.

Today’s content delivery model will no longer scale. A new model is needed that will give you control and let you monetize delivery directly from content publishers.

In this session you will learn:

  • an overview of a new solution to content delivery
  • how you can be part of the value chain and improve revenue
  • how you can reduce any uncertainty in making an investment in such solution

Event led by:
Theodore Tzevelekis, Senior Director Business Development
Mark Fisher, VP Marketing and Business Development

Originally Recorded: October 20th, 2020

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