How Do I Market Myself as a CISO, Part 1 - The Basics

Today’s security professional is dealing with change and increasing pressure to address not only cybersecurity issues but HR, budgetary and other business challenges. One way to address these challenges is to make sure others know about you, your role and the function over which you manage. While marketing may not be an area you have thought as important as a CISO, think again. Career experts agree. Without the ability to “sell the program” many CISOs will continue to struggle – alone.

In this two-part session, we will cover marketing basics as well as provide action items to take now to begin to market yourself as a CISO and the initiatives the cybersecurity team is taking. Come with your questions – your successes and your mistakes and hear from some experts on what works and what doesn’t.

Part one:
• Marketing 101 – An Introduction to Marketing
• Who are your key stakeholders
• Targeting your message to the different stakeholders

Make sure to register for part 2 which will take place on Thursday, November 12, at 2 p.m. ET. In that session, Jim Walsh, SVP, Growth Marketing at Cisco will join Vann and Chris and share how to become the master influencer. They will cover the following:

• Getting others to tell your story
• Successes and tragedy – Or what works and what you should avoid
• What is next – the action items

2 p.m. Eastern Time


Chris Leach
Senior CISO Advisor
America Security Sales, Cisco

Vann Walters
VP, Security Sales, Americas
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