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Is your data center and network infrastructure hobbling your customers?

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When it comes to connectivity customers demand performance, flexibility and full control of their secure cloud ecosystems. They are looking for the security of private clouds combined with the flexibility of public clouds. In this session you will learn how T-Systems has transitioned to this new Multi Cloud Connectivity platform (MCCP), that allows customers an easy integration of public and private cloud capacity into their own infrastructure.

We will also look behind the curtain of MCCP and learn more about Cisco TelcoCloud Platform cVIM, ACI Anywhere and Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator (NSO).

With MCCP, customer can now fast track new connections and capacities from on-prem to T-Systems private clouds, all the way to the public cloud with Google, Microsoft Azure, or AWS without the long-lasting planning and provisioning cycles they were used to in the recent past. Partnering with Cisco, give small or larger Service providers a competitive advantage.

Everyone wins when companies embrace innovation and together with T-Systems experts we want to share that wisdom with you.

In this session you will learn:

  • More about what T-Systems did
  • Why partnering with Cisco gave them an advantage

Event led by:
Burkhard Warnsing, Cisco
Paul Starr, T-Systems

Originally Recorded: November 5th, 2020  

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