Cisco DNA Software Demo Series - Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Software Demo Series: Cisco DNA Spaces

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
10:00AM Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

Cisco DNA Spaces is a single, scalable, reliable location platform that digitizes physical spaces with insights into the behavior of people and things.

Cisco DNA Spaces Indoor IoT Services allows customers to deploy IoT devices and applications easily, rapidly, at scale, and at a significantly lower TCO. With Indoor IoT Services and Cisco’s Wi-Fi 6 access points, Cisco DNA Spaces is an open and unified platform that allows customers to deploy multiple types of tags, beacons, and other sensors. Customers can deliver outcomes at scale through a robust partner ecosystem of applications and supported end devices. This opens up an expanded set of use cases such as asset management, environmental monitoring, wayfinding, employee safety, and space utilization., our ecosystem partner, joins us to discuss how the joint integration with Cisco DNA Spaces can deliver outcomes for your industry. This webinar will also take you through a demo of the Cisco DNA Spaces Indoor IoT Services capabilities and apps for enabling outcomes:

  • Indoor IoT Services overview

  • Business outcomes enabled

  • IoT Device Marketplace & Partner App Center

  • BLE gateway configuration

  • Switches

  • Device management

Live Q&A included.

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