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Gain operational visibility, increase customer confidence and differentiate your network with Cisco Crosswork Trust Insights

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Network infrastructure security issues can be caused by malicious actions or simple procedural errors. These events can have unforeseen effects on the integrity of your network and business model. Network operators need a scalable analytic toolset to detect integrity issues and provide verifiable evidence to act promptly on it. We’ll share how cloud-based service Cisco Crosswork Trust Insights empowers the network and security operations with visibility to track trustworthiness and changes related to hardware and software integrity of the device. This session will include a demo of the solution along with some real-world use case examples.

Learn how Crosswork Trust Insights greatly simplifies the tasks to run a trustworthy infrastructure with operational visibility and assured audits.which will increase your customer’s confidence and differentiate your network.

Event led by:
Dan Backman, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Crosswork Network Automation, Cisco
John Malzahn, Sr. Market Manager, Service Provider Solutions Marketing, Cisco

Originally Recorded: January 12th, 2021  

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