Cisco Catalyst 1000 Switches

For a limited time only, get the Catalyst 1000 Switches at a special price.

When your business is growing, you need your network to enable that growth, not stand in the way of it. So, it’s important to have a network that you know you can rely on. This is why we designed the Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series switches – providing flexibility, simplicity, and security for deployments of up to 250 users.

Benefits of Catalyst 1000 Switches:
  • Quiet and Compact
    The compact, fan-less design with Power over Ethernet means Catalyst 1000 Series switches can hide in plain sight in open-plan spaces.
  • Simplified Management
    Catalyst 1000 Series switches run on classic Cisco IOS and can be configured with an intuitive on-box web UI, making management simple and easy.
  • Enhanced Security
    With Catalyst 1000 Series switches' larger-scale access-control tables and additional security features, you can segment traffic for greater security.
  • Improved hardware and software
    Increased PoE budget, advanced software options, and larger-scale access control tables make the Catalyst 1000 a clear improvement over preceding model.

Learn more about Cisco Catalyst 1000 Switches here.

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