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Build Trustworthy Critical Networks with IOS XR

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With the increasing supply chain attacks, how can you detect replacement of critical components like CPU/NPU with compromised chips? No amount of software security features would come to our rescue if the underlying hardware itself has been tampered. So, the entire trust chain must start all the way from hardware and eventually extend into the network.

Cisco IOS-XR trustworthy platforms are built on the strong foundations of trust provided by the Trust Anchor module chip embedded into every device. Trust begins in hardware and extends into the boot and runtime. With such a strong foundation of trust, customers can now cryptographically challenge a router to provide its unique identity. The underlying IOS-XR operating system provides a secure mechanism to detect if the software has been tampered with during boot time and runtime.

The key takeaways of the session would be to understand

  • Hardware integrity features provided by IOS-XR routers
  • Cisco secure boot process and boot integrity visibility features
  • Runtime integrity features provided by IOS-XR platforms
  • Operational visibility of your trustworthy network
  • Extending trust into the network using Segment Routing & Trusted Path Routing
  • Newer IOS-XR features like anti-theft, IPsec, etc.

Event led by:
Rana El Desouky Kazamel- Lead, Product Mangement
Amrit Hanspal- Engineer, Product Management
Rakesh Kandula- Technical Marketing Engineer

Originally Recorded: March 4th, 2021  

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