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Use the high-performing Cisco 8000 router to support high density and massive scale

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One of the world’s most scalable routing platforms is expanding to fit more use cases in your network. Come join this Cisco webinar to learn how an expanded model line-up and new Silicon One chip set allows the Cisco 8000 Series router to satisfy nearly every use case in your network.

- Learn how integrating high-peformance rotuers into network operations can provide flexibility and scalability to grow with today’s service demands
-Understand how silicon chip performance is transforming router designs and capabilities allowing SPs to replace multiple existing routers with a single unit
-Learn how Converged SDN Transport can bring about operational simplicity and improve network resiliency while reducing TCO

Event led by:
Najeeb Haddad – Director, Engineering
Anupam Barua – Engineering Product Manager

Originally Recorded: April 6th, 2021  

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