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Learn about the new ASR 9902 and 9903 mass scale compact routers and other enhancements to the ASR portfolio that are transforming edge routing applications.

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As bandwidth continues to grow, there is an increasing need for compact routers that have a rich feature set, can be deployed in multiple roles, and can provide a clear path to 100G/400G. The ASR 9902 and 9903 are new compact routers built with Cisco’s 5th generation Lightspeed+ ASIC that can scale to support the integration of different services on the same router. This session will go over these enhancements to the ASR 9000 series with a focus on the compact chassis portfolio.

  • 1RU and 2 RU compact routers that provide scalability to 400G
  • Because of their size, these units consume less power per Gig to help reduce OpEx
  • Future proof your network with the ASR’s scalability and a roadmap to simplify your architecture as ZR/ZR+ optics can be integrated into the router

Event led by:
Nicolas Breton- Leader, Product Management
Alice Bedoyan- Engineer, Product Management

Originally Recorded: May 11th, 2021  

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