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Learn how it is possible to get over a 20% increase in channel capacity out of your DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure

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Are you running your DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM channels at maximum capacity? It was not critical when first deployed with just a handful of D3.1 modems. However, with a higher number of devices able to utilize D3.1 capacity it is worth investigating if simple configuration changes can provide less overhead and higher channel capacity.

Join this webinar and learn:

  • How to determine capacity of current channel configurations
  • Which configuration settings have the most impact on overhead
  • What values can be modified to reduce overhead while still maintaining robustness to impairment

Learn how you can get over a 20% increase in OFDM channel capacity with a few configuration changes.

Event led by:
Jason Miller, Cisco, TME

Originally Recorded: July 27, 2023  

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