Cyber Supply Chain Risks: Zero Trust for Trusted Relationships

Nation states, cyber criminals, hacktivists, and rogue employees are the usual hacking suspects. They fit nicely into categories like external attackers or insider threats. But what about our essential suppliers, partners, and service providers? It’s easy to overlook them as possible pathways for cyberattacks.

7:00PM ET | 4:00PM PT


Jack Allen
Jack has been an innovative supply chain leader and entrepreneur for more than 40 years. He currently leads a global organization that manages Supply Chain Risk, Resiliency, Security, Sustainability, and Circular Economy for Cisco.

Steve Caimi
Steve has over 25 years of diverse experience in cybersecurity and advocates a risk-based approach to optimize investments. He is well-versed in cyber frameworks and industry best practices from NIST, MITRE, CIS, ISO/IEC, and more.

Chris Neal
Chris is a Threat Researcher from Cisco Talos’ Outreach Team and is a former SOC analyst in the financial sector. His current focus is hunting down and identifying unknown Windows malware.

Ben Nahorney
Ben is a Threat Intelligence Analyst focused on covering the threat landscape for Cisco Security. With almost 20 years of experience in the Internet security field, Ben has weathered threat outbreaks reaching back to the early 2000s developing and publishing content ranging from breaking news to general threat trends.
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