An insider view: Cisco IT’s own journey to autonomous networking - Video on demand

Join us live as Cisco IT shares insights, lessons learned, and upcoming projects for their own ongoing network transformation journey across access, WAN, data center, and cloud. In this intent-based networking webinar, we will cover five deployment stories centered around SD-Access, SD-WAN, network assurance, SIG/SASE, and IoT human telemetry.

You will learn:

  • The why, what, and how of Cisco IT’s roadmap to intent-based networking (IBN)
  • The main principles of Cisco IT’s networking strategy
  • Common use cases that provide guidance on how you can get started
  • How you can bridge IBN across domains such as the campus, WAN, and data center

Hear from Cisco IT experts:

  • Ben Irving, Director, Technical Systems Engineering
  • Jon Heaton, Leader, Technical Systems Engineering
  • Manny Garcia, Principal IT Engineer

This session will include a Q&A with technical experts. Tune in to learn about the IBN building blocks and capabilities you need to meet your network’s scale, agility, and security demands.

Insider Series for Networking
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