Automate site-to-site and site-to-cloud connectivity with Cisco SD-WAN and Google Cloud - Video on demand

Multicloud adoption is the new norm, enabling companies to deploy applications and access cloud services in a more diverse environment. Cisco and Google Cloud have joined together to simplify multicloud adoption with an industry-first, joint solution that provides enterprise connectivity and automated workloads deployed across Google Cloud.

Join us as speakers from Cisco and Google Cloud outline the latest updates on Cisco SD-WAN and the new Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center, designed to help you interconnect enterprise sites and on-premises data centers. See how you can extend Cisco SD-WAN fabric to workloads in Google Cloud and automate site-to-site connectivity over Google Cloud’s highly reliable, global cloud infrastructure.

In this session, you will learn about the benefits of this solution, including:

  • Cloud scalability - Reduce provisioning from months to minutes through the automation of global site-to-site and site-to-Google-Cloud connectivity.
  • Highly available network - Google Cloud’s Network Connectivity Center offers 99.95% availability and extensive points of presence across the world.
  • Ease of management - Orchestrate both Cisco SD-WAN and Google Cloud networking resources from a single management interface using Cisco vManage for point-and-click automated provisioning.
  • End-to-end visibility - Gain insight into and reporting of site-to-site connectivity performance across Google Cloud’s global infrastructure.

This session also includes a Q&A with our experts.

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