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Building Intelligent Transport Networks with Cisco Converged SDN Transport Principles

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This session will focus on use cases that demonstrate the benefits of using IOS XR within Cisco routers in support of 5G service deployments. We will cover the trustworthy architecture of IOS XR for securing 5G transport networks, the model driven programmability with native and OpenConfig models to empower extensive automation environments, and the ability to host 3rd party applications which can coexist with IOS XR and enable additional operations. These features and functions allow providers to respond more quickly to changing network conditions and address even the most stringent service levels..

Key Takeaways:

  • How the trustworthy architecture of IOS XR can secure 5G transport networks
  • How the model driven programmability of IOS XR can empower automation environments
  • How 3rd party applications can coexist with IOS XR to enable additional operations

Event led by:
Mustafa Bostanci – Engineering Product Manager
Phil Bedard – Principal Engineer

Originally Recorded: September 14th, 2021